Phil Muldrow

” I have complete trust that Gainesville Prosthetics will put my safety and well being first.”

Phil underwent amputation surgery in June of 2016. He was diagnosed with Vibrio Vulnificus, flesh-eating bacteria, and after a series of skin grafts and just days away from leaving the burn clinic, his foot was attacked by osteomyelitis. To avoid future infections, he decided to undergo a below the knee amputation.

Phil confesses that there was a lot he had to learn about walking on a prosthesis, from sock management and knowing whether to add or remove a sock to steady ambulation and compensating for gait deviations. With time, Phil claims, “My prosthesis is now just a part of my leg!” The biggest improvement Phil’s family has seen in Phil is his total acceptance of the process and his ability to move forward with a positive outlook.

Since receiving his prosthetic leg, he is now able to ambulate unassisted, walk up and down stairs, drive his car, and most importantly, he is able to fish once again. Thanks to his prosthesis he was able to return to the activities he loved doing prior to his amputation. When talking about his relationship with the staff at Gainesville Prosthetics, Phil shares that he has complete trust that his prosthetist will put his safety and well-being first.

“Everyone has been so kind and helpful, including those who schedule appointments, those providing insurance information and follow-up, and those behind the scenes making adjustments to the device. Everyone works as a team to give you the best outcome possible!”

Vaughn Thornton

In May 2016, Vaughn was on his motorcycle and was struck by a pickup truck that failed to yield to a stop sign. As a result of his injuries, he needed a below the knee amputation. “Going from an active 43-year-old one day to not being able to perform the simplest task the next, I was very motivated to regain my independence,” Vaughn says.

Vaughn understood it was not going to be an easy process. “I had to go in with the mindset of it taking a while to get use to walking on the prosthesis and not rush the process. I needed to be patient.” From learning how to properly adjust his gait to transitioning into more dynamic movements, Vaughn was committed to succeed. Vaughn encourages, “Go into it with the right mindset and you will come out the other side a stronger person.”

Vaughn claims a solid patient-prosthetist relationship is vital to a successful experience. “One of the first questions Keven asked me was, ‘What would you like to be able to do?’ and together, we worked on those goals as a team.” With dedication and help from the staff at Gainesville Prosthetics, Vaughn is now able to enjoy the activities he loved before his amputation. “I feel I can do just about anything I set my mind to and look forward to pushing myself and trying new things.”

“Gainesville Prosthetics do more than just fit people for braces and prostheses, they give their patient’s their lives back and afford them the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilled lives through the work they do.”

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