About DeAnna M. Chapman, MSPO, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

DeAnna M. Chapman

DeAnna is one of only a handful of people nationwide who has a Masters level education in orthotics & prosthetics. Prior to joining Gainesville Prosthetics, DeAnna received her Bachelors of Science decree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and her Masters of Science in Prosthetic and Orthotics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Following her 2 year residency in Orthotics & Prosthetics at the University of Alabama - Birmingham, DeAnna became certified as an orthotist and prosthetist by the American Board for Certification in O&P.

Using this strong academic background, she will be involved in the development of outcome studies that will be integrated into our treatment regime. These studies will reach beyond our own practice and community. Through the orthotic & prosthetic software that was developed by our sister company, O&P Digital Technologies, we will be gathering standardized data from more than 100 O&P practices and using that data to improve the care provided by our entire profession, starting right here in Gainesville. DeAnna has a strong interest in working with pediatric patients who have scoliosis and need conservative management of their spine. She is trained in fitting several types of scoliosis orthotic treatments, including the Boston Brace, Providence Nocturnal System, Charleston Bending Brace, Gomez Orthotic System, and the SpineCor System.

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